Building With

Why Choose Brick?

We’ve listed the key reasons to look no further than building with brick. Your inspiration starts here!


Many design opportunities are available to create that unique look, from an ultra-modern look to a timeless classic. Through the extensive range of colours and textures available, there is always a brick available to achieve what you desire.

Easy Care

Bricks are very low maintenance. Ensure your home keeps looking new and clean, with a wash down every so often to remove any dust and grime that has built up from prevailing weather.


Bricks are energy efficient. The thermal properties naturally occurring in clay bricks will help to keep your home drier and warmer in the cooler months, with the opposite effect occurring in the warmer months.


Bricks are a sustainable building material, naturally derived from sources of clay. Having a long-lasting lifetime reduces the environmental impact significantly. Free from contaminants, bricks are a building material that stands the test of time with minimal impact on our environment.


Bricks have proven to be a cost-effective building material, given the variety of bricks in the market, and the resources required to complete a project. There is a class to sort all budgets.

Need advice on what brick you need?

The BrickShop provides expert advice to help you find the perfect brick for your build.